Get a preview of selected Fall Conference sessions

This year’s Fall Conference on Friday, Oct. 16, will be one of a kind. We’ve never done this virtually before, so we are working hard to make sure that you have the best experience possible.  To help you decide which sessions to attend, several of our presenters have put together short video messages for you about their session.  We’ll post a new one each week, so check back here regularly to see more videos.

October 8 video preview:

Presenter: Cindy Wandschneider, Walsworth Publishing

Session: YEARBOOK TRENDS: A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER  The most up-to-date info about what’s trending in advanced design for yearbooks. A yearbook rep will offer award-winning design examples and reveal how to personalize trends.

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October 1 video preview:

Presenter: Laura Otto, College of Lake County, Illinois

Session: TAKING YOUR STORY FROM PRINT TO ONLINE: SIMPLE STRATEGIES FOR INCORPORATING MULTIMEDIA  One of the biggest mistakes that student journalists can make is “shoveling” their print content onto their website. In this session, you will learn how to  transform your print story into a multimedia package using free online tools. Be prepared to talk about a specific print story that your staff has published – we will work in teams to brainstorm multimedia elements that you could incorporate to engage, entertain, and inform your readers.

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September 24 video preview:

Presenter: Abigail Becker, The Capital Times, Madison, reporter


As newsrooms shrink and newspapers disappear altogether, it is now more important than ever to produce journalism in the public interest. A recent report from the UNC Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local Media found a net loss since 2004 of almost 1,800 local newspapers. Further, the report concludes that the people with the least access to local news are the most vulnerable – “the poorest, least educated and most isolated.” We will discuss the importance and power of local journalism, which absolutely includes you as student reporters. What matters to you and your school? Come prepared to discuss your story ideas!

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September 17 video preview:

Presenter: Kristin DiGiorgio-Kadich, CJE, Metea Valley High School yearbook adviser

Session:  COLLABORATIVE JOURNALISM  Journalism is rapidly evolving and times have changed. Collaborative projects and partnerships have increasingly been shown to improve journalism and its reach. Let’s talk about how to reach out and those we need to connect with.

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September 10 video preview:

Presenter: Keith Zukas, professor of journalism, UW-Whitewater, adviser to Royal Purple

Session: TELL THE HUMAN STORY THROUGH SPORTS REPORTING  Don’t be scared away from covering sports stories because of statistics and rulebooks. The best sports stories are those that even a stranger to the game would enjoy. Learn how to emphasize the human story in any sport, which will engage your sports fans and widen your audience. Also tour the Royal Purple campus newspaper at UW-Whitewater.

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September 3 video preview:

Presenter: Jennifer Walter, reporter for Discover Magazine

Session: SCIENCE JOURNALISM IN THE SPOTLIGHT  From COVID-19 to the climate crisis, science stories are dominating the headlines constantly. But what makes a good science story, and what tools do you need to accurately report on new discoveries? This behind-the-scene look at science journalism will give you the basics you need to decode science for general audiences, read beyond the headlines and look for stories in your own community.

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August 27 video preview:

Presenter: Jeff Browne, MJE, Director of Quill and Scroll International Honor Society for high school journalists
Session: WIN THE WAR ON TRUTH: FACTCHECKING FOR HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISTS  This is a perilous time for the truth, and you can help your audiences discern truth from reality prior to the coming election and all throughout the year by starting a fact-checking feature in your publication. One warning: it takes A LOT of work and even more journalistic integrity.

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