KEMPA Journalism

KEMPA Journalism

KEMPA Journalism

Journalism Resources







McCormick Foundation’s Protocol for Free and Responsible Student News Media
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Common Editing Errors





Coverage getting people to read your NP  Powerpoint to use with your students







Creating Story Ideas poster by Greenman







Designing the Framework poster by Greenman






Erinn Harris_creating a publication policy  Excellent guide for creating a policy: taken from the JEA Curriculum site




Fundraising for your newspaper  Adviser suggestions for fundraising, taken from the JEA listserv






How to get people to read your newspaper  Advice posted on the JEA listserv from Wayne Brasler







Ideas for Coverage poster by Greenman





Raising funds for your publication  Ideas from EICs at Iowa Summer Workshop 2010







Role of the student newspaper poster by Greenman




Roles and History of Media  Study guide for the CJE test




Writing a Movie Review  includes directions, analysis and samples





Yearbook design step by step handout




Yearbook end-of-year class assignment , taken from the JEA listserv