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Friend of KEMPA Award

The Friend of KEMPA award is a way for the Board of Directors to honor and recognize people who have contributed extraordinary time and/or effort to the organization. The nominator must be a KEMPA publication student, adviser, principal, parent or individual KEMPA member. The nominee should demonstrate assistance to KEMPA or a KEMPA-member publication over a period of time, as well as offered the gift of their time and expertise beyond what might be expected as part of this person’s job or organization’s purpose.

This award, when given, is part of the annual meeting held at the Fall Scholastic Journalism Conference.

Use this Friend of KEMPA form to nominate a Friend of KEMPA.  For your convenience, you can also nominate someone using this Google form.

The nomination deadline is midnight on June 30, 2021.

The 2020 Friend of KEMPA is James Mead of UW-Whitewater. Mead was recognized at the 2020 Fall Scholastic Journalism Conference on Oct. 14, 2019 at UW-Whitewater. For twelve years he has been a presenter at KEMPA Fall Journalism Conference. A large number of students attend his TV sessions every year, and Mead quickly learned that it takes time to talk to them and rotate through so everyone has a chance to practice and experience the different equipment. To provide adequate time, Mead restructured the television production session to cover the first two sessions as a single session. And he began to include UWW-TV student staff members to assist him. They mentor the high school students, while also getting the opportunity to provide inspiring stories and lessons learned as part of the initial discussion.

Jim said he believes, “it is important to share what we have with others, and hopefully inspire those with the same interest or passion that there is an avenue to continue your love for this field at UWW or another institution. This is a fun skill to have, and with technology forever changing, the possibilities beyond school training can be limitless for those who want to do it.”

2020 James Mead, UW-Whitewater
2019 Vince Filak, UW-Oshkosh; Jeff Pertl, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families
2018 Karl Boettcher, Visual Image Photography
2017 Marquette University, Diederich College of Communication; Ana Garner and Karen Slattery
2016 SNO Sites, Jason Wallestad
Jayme Bogner, Jostens
2013 Kellie Doyle, Lake Forest College (IL)
2012 Bryce Ulmer, S.C. Johnson and Son, Inc. and Corporate Images; Doug Wojcik, Stevens Point Journal (WI)
2011 Randy Swikle, Johnsburg High School (IL)
2010 Mike James, Walsworth; Pat Rand, Jostens; Maureen Olofsson, Herff Jones
2009 Eric Field, Continuing Education, UW-W
2008 Mara Lee Searing, Continuing Education, UW-W
2006 Betsy Schroeder, Lake Geneva Elementary School (WI)
2005 Law Firm of LaFollette, Godfrey and Kahn
2004 Rick Wood, “Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel”
2003 Doug Wojcik
2002 Rita Schopen, Milwaukee, WI
2001 Kendrick Johnson, Madison, WI
2000 Larry Sherman, Continuing Education, UW-W
1999 Cindy Wandschneider, Walsworth Publishing; Ken Whittemore, Josten’s Publishing
1998 Peter Conover, Cable 6 Coordinator, UW-W
1996 Mary Markus, Continuing Education, UW-W
1994 Jim Eloff, Continuing Education, UW-W; Michael Schudrowitz, Nikon Corporation
1994 Dr. I.W. Schaffer, Emeritus Executive Director, UW-W; Robert Tottingham, UW-Madison Extension
1992 Dr. Tom McLeRoy, Dean, Continuing Education, UW-W
1991 Lou Zahn, Continuing Education, UW-W