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Mentor Program

Front: Rachel Rice, Rockford Lutheran HS (Babs Erickson, mentor)Sandy Jacoby, mentor; Kelly Engler, Harlem HS (Babs Erickson, mentor); Linda Barrington, MJE, mentor; Mary Anne Pysson, Alcott West HS (Randy Swikle, mentor); Nicole Hoffmann, St. Francis HS (Sandy Jacoby, mentor) Back: Angela Rackowski, St. Francis HS (Sandy Jacoby, mentor); Aaron Ramponi, Appleton North HS (Linda Barrington, mentor); Evelyn Lauer, CJE, Niles West HS (Randy Swikle, mentor); Ben Tripp, Stoughton HS (Dave Wallner, mentor); Abby Riese, Oregon HS (Dave Wallner, mentor);

Mentors and mentees at Winter Advisers’ Seminar in 2013. Front row: Sandy Jacoby, mentor; Kelly Engler, Harlem High School (Babs Erickson, mentor); Linda Barrington, MJE, mentor; Mary Anne Pysson, Alcott College Prep West Campus (Randy Swikle, mentor); Nicole Hoffmann, St. Francis High School (Sandy Jacoby, mentor). Back row: Rachel Rice, Rockford Lutheran High School (Babs Erickson, mentor); Angela Rackowski, St. Francis High School (Sandy Jacoby, mentor); Aaron Ramponi, Appleton North High School (Linda Barrington, mentor); Evelyn Lauer, CJE, Niles West High School (Randy Swikle, mentor); Ben Tripp, Stoughton High School (Dave Wallner, mentor); Abby Riese, Oregon High School (Dave Wallner, mentor). Photo by Kurt Hornby


KEMPA is proud to be part of the JEA Mentoring program (, sponsoring mentors in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Mentors provide support for two years, offering ideas, resources, coaching and other assistance as needed. The goal is to help new journalism advisers to establish quality programs, improve their own skills and continue on as advisers.

The program is completely free and available to any journalism adviser in his or her first or second year of advising, even if not new to teaching.

Illinois’s mentors are Carol Smith, CJE, retired newspaper and yearbook adviser, and Stan Zoller, former journalist and, currently, adjunct instructor in journalism at Lake Forest College.

Wisconsin’s mentors are Linda Barrington, MJE, newsmagazine adviser at Mount Mary University, Sandy Jacoby, retired yearbook adviser, and Dave Wallner, retired newspaper adviser.  If you are interested in establishing a relationship with a mentor – or if you know of someone who is just taking on the role of a publications adviser, please contact one of the mentors directly.

Linda Barrington,   email – [email protected]

Sandy Jacoby, email – [email protected]

Carol Smith, email – [email protected]

Dave Wallner, email – [email protected]

Stan Zoller, email – [email protected]

For more information about the JEA Mentor Program, visit its website at

Mentor Program