Food editor Lindsay Christians to present fall conference keynote


Maureen Janson Heintz

Food Editor & Arts Writer Lindsay Christians

The Kettle Moraine Press Association is pleased to announce Food Editor and Arts Writer Lindsay Christians as this year’s keynote speaker for the fall Scholastic Journalism Conference held Oct. 14 at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Christians writes for The Capital Times in Madison, but she isn’t your typical soft news food and arts critic. In recent years she’s published powerful exposés about the underbelly of the high-end food service industry.

Her 2021 piece “A destructive cocktail: At Merchant and Lucille, a pattern of tirades and rage” unearthed the habitual verbal abuse of employees and patrons that created a toxic culture on S. Pickney St. In “Harassment on State: Botanist Social staff describe a disturbing pattern” published just this summer, she helped female employees tell their stories of unwelcome sexual advances in the workplace.

Christians also maintains a strong pedigree of notable stories, columns and critiques at The Capital Times epitomized in her book “Madison Chefs: Stories of Food, Farms and People” (UW Press, 2021). She founded popular podcast The Corner Table in 2016 to capture the Madisonian food and drink culture. Her food writing has also appeared in Daily Coffee News, Eating Well, Feast & Field, Growler, The Heavy Table and Zagat, and in “The Secret Atlas of North Coast Food” (2013).

Christians is a member of the American Theatre Critics Association and runs the Jerry Awards Student Critics program at Overture Center for the Arts. She has a BA in journalism from Michigan State University and an MA in theater research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Lindsay Christians will present the Kettle Moraine Press Association keynote speech at 10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 14 in the University Center at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. For more information and to register for the event visit