New publication critique forms and how to enter this year

Board members have worked on new publication critiques for the past six months, updating and re-formatting the newspaper, yearbook and website forms, and creating a new form for magazines.  Instead of detailed lists of standards, each worth a certain number of points, the new format lists standards in separate categories (like Content, Writing or Design). The judge will give an overall score for each category with comments detailing strengths and recommendations.

Advisers are encouraged to download the forms to help inform their staff’s decisions about choices made in their publications.

KEMPA Newspaper Evaluation 2020

KEMPA Yearbook Evaluation 2020

KEMPA Magazine Evaluation 2020

KEMPA Website Evaluation Fall 2020

When you submit your publication for critique,  advisers are encouraged to submit letters to the judges describing their goals for the year, any unique circumstances, challenges or complications they might have had this year, and what the editors want the judges to focus on.

Because of the COVID-19 school closures, some schools may not have access to previously published issues from this school year. KEMPA will accept digital files for newspaper and magazine print publications.  Email your KEMPA membership form 2020-2021 to Membership vice-president Bob Kay and attach a PDF of each of the three newspapers or magazines you are submitting for critique. If the files are too big to send, then embed a link to the digital files for your newspaper or magazine, so these can be forwarded to the judge. Remember to attach your letter to the judge (as described in the previous paragraph). Yearbooks should be mailed to Bob Kay.