Resources available during COVID-19 Safe at Home restrictions


Quill and Scroll’s weekly newsletter provide these resources for student journalists. Thank you to Jeffrey Browne for allowing us to share these:

Student reporting on COVID-19:  If you’d like to reach an even broader audience for your pandemic reporting, the World Teenage Reporting Project can offer just that. Sponsored by the Global Youth & News Media Prize, the project is pulling together the best COVID-19 coverage from teenagers around the world.

A pandemic must-watch sports documentary series: “Last Dance,” ESPN’s documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s, will show two different versions on two different networks when it premiers Sunday night for the first of a five-week run. A salty-language version will show on ESPN, while a cleaned-up version will show on ESPN2. We have not received word on what will be shown on “The Ocho.”

Handle with care: If your parents have put you in charge of cleaning every item that comes into your house during your pandemic stay-cation, Inc. magazine has written a comprehensive piece to show you how to kill the virus dead if it’s clinging to anything brought into your domicile.


One other resource (not from Quill and Scroll) is also available: AP Stylebook is offering teachers and students online access for the next couple of months — FREE.

Do you have good resources to share with other journalism teachers?  Send them to KEMPA for posting on our website, so we can help each other.