KEMPA Journalism

Patrick R. Johnson
Patrick R. Johnson, MJE

[email protected]

Antioch Community High School, Antioch, Ill.

Number of years advising: 9 years (7 in high school, 2 in college)

Brief Description of your program: My program includes a number of classes: introduction to print and digital journalism, print and digital journalism, and sports media. I have four sections and nearly 100 kids in the program as a whole. We produce a monthly news and feature magazine, a daily website, a seasonal sports promotional magazine, marketing projects for the athletics department, a seasonal arts and culture magazine, and more.

Best Advice or Hardest Lesson Learned: Your kids matter as people more than the product they produce. Journalism isn’t just about telling the stories of others; it’s about helping kids learn to tell their own story and feel as though that story matters, too.

Social Media Accounts: @ACHSTomTom and @SequoitSports

Johnson also serves as the Mentor Program Chair for the Journalism Education Association and is a board member for Quill and Scroll International Journalism Honor Society.

Patrick R. Johnson, Summer Journalism Workshop Director

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Patrick R. Johnson