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Awards & Honors

Hall of Fame

The KEMPA Hall of Fame was established by the Board of Directors as a way of recognizing those who have made outstanding contributions, over an extended period of time, to the success and progress of the Kettle Moraine Press Association.

Nominations to the Hall of Fame may come from any group or individual. Decisions on membership in the Hall are made by the Board of Directors and presented at the annual meeting held at the Fall Scholastic Journalism Conference at UW-Whitewater.

The 2017 Hall of Fame inductee is Evelyn Lauer.

Evelyn started teaching at Niles West High School in 2001, but started the Niles West News website  in 2011, when her JEA mentor, Randy Swikle, signed her up for KEMPA membership. Evelyn has been an active member ever since. While JEA has named her a Rising Star and KEMPA has named her an Adviser of the Year, KEMPA honors her specifically for her contributions to the organization.  She served a year on the Board and has been active in all three of KEMPA’s major programs for the last several years. She teaches at Summer Workshop, and has presented sessions at Winter Seminar and Fall Conference. Evelyn also wrote a digital media column for the last years of the KEMPA Update publication.  KEMPA is proud to honor Evelyn for her work beyond the classroom in scholastic journalism.

Previous Hall of Fame Inductees:

1987 Dr. Richard Nelson, founder of KEMPA / Dr. I.W. Schaffer, UW-W (Executive Director)
1988 Jan Kohls, Fort Atkinson (WI) High School/ Judy Zigler, Whitewater (WI) High School
1989 Eileen Kohnke, New Berlin Eisenhower (WI) High School / Dr. Thomas McLeRoy, Dean of Continuing Education, UW-Whitewater
1991 Ron Beem, Byron (IL) High School / John Rowley, Willowbrook (IL) High School
1992 John McCullough, WTMJ Channel 4 Milwaukee
1993 Elsie Stiffler, Willowbrook (IL) High School
1995 Nancy Becker, Milton (WI) High School / Stuart Ciske, DPI, Madison (WI)
1999 Tom Gebhardt, Prospect (IL) High School
2000 Mark Thompson, Antioch (IL) High School
2001 Hank Koshollek, The Capital Times / Susan Tantillo, Wheeling (IL) High School
2002 Katherine Conover, Janesville Parker (WI) High School
2003 John Culbertson, Waterloo (WI) High School
2004 Sandy Jacoby, Tremper (WI) High School / Alan Packard, St. Mary’s Springs (WI) High School
2005 Linda Barrington, Wauwatosa East (WI) High School
2006 Joe Koshollek, Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel
2007 Jill Cook , Brookfield Central (WI) High School
2009 Stan Zoller, Rolling Meadows (IL) High School
2010 Carl Sigler, Wisconsin Academy (retired)
2011 Kathleen Burke, Regina Dominican (IL) High School / Mike Gordy, Antioch Community (IL) High School (retired) / Audrey Kemp, D.C. Everest (WI) High School / Dave Wallner, Stoughton (WI) High School (retired)
2013 Mike Doyle, Belvidere North (IL) High School
2015  Tom Juran, Brookfield Central (WI) High School
2016  Jeff Willauer, Waunakee (WI) High School
2017 Evelyn Lauer, Niles West (IL) High School

Adviser of the Year

Annually, at the Fall Scholastic Journalism Conference business meeting of KEMPA, the organization honors Advisers of the Year. Advisers may be nominated by their publication staffs, their administrators or their peers. Nominations should describe, in specific detail, what the adviser has done and/or accomplished that sets that person apart in the minds of the nominators. KEMPA Adviser of the Year nomination

The Awards Committee makes the final decision.

The 2018 Nancy Becker Newspaper Adviser of the Year is Lindsay Skatrud, Brookfield East High School, The Spartan Banner. She was recognized at the 2018 Fall Scholastic Journalism Conference on Oct. 12, 2018 at UW-Whitewater.

Photo by Audrey Kemp

Previous Adviser of the Year Award Winners
1987 Marilyn Swanson, Auburn High School, Rockford (IL)
1988 Nancy Becker, Milton (WI) High School
1991 Ron Beem, Byron (IL) High School / Jan Kohls, Fort Atkinson (WI) High School
1992 Jan Kohls, Fort Atkinson (WI) High School / Dave Wiegand, Wausau West (WI) High School
1993 Tom Gebhardt, Prospect (IL) High School / Pat Jonas, Platteville (WI) High School
1995 Susan Hathaway Tantillo, Wheeling (IL) High School / Sue Tedell, Buffalo Grove (IL) High School
1996 Katherine Conover, Janesville Parker (WI) High School / Lisa Peterson, Janesville Parker (WI) High School
1997 Mary Mueller, Maine West (IL) High School / Mark Thompson, Antioch Community (IL) High School
1998 Bob Chesney, Ozaukee (WI) High School / Sandy Jacoby, Kenosha Tremper (WI) High School
1999 Michael Gordy, Antioch (IL) High School / Marcia Sigler, Wisconsin Academy (WI)
2000 Linda Barrington, Wauwatosa East (WI) High School / Elizabeth Wilson, Prospect (IL) High School
2001 Joan Joas-Faas, Muskego (WI) High School / John Culbertson, Waterloo (WI) High School
2002 Sandra Gruen, Wheeling (IL) High School / Bob Kay, Grayslake (IL) High School
2003 Tammy Rademacher, Waunakee (WI) High School / Kay Sargent, Wisconsin School for the Deaf
2004 Peter Guaquinta, Glenbard North (IL) High School / Patricia Benedict, Guilford (IL) High School
2005 Elyce Moscella, Brookfield Central (WI) High School / Audrey Kemp, D.C. Everest (WI) High School
2006 Dave Wallner, Stoughton High School (WI) / Jeff Willauer, Waunakee High School (WI)
2007 Barbara Erickson, Jefferson High School (IL) / Fay Hubbard & Andy Wolfe, Superior High School (WI)
2008 Mike Doyle, Belvidere North High School (IL) / Tracy Brogelman, Grafton High School (WI)
2010 Kathleen Burke, Regina Dominican High School (IL) /
2011 Jill Cook, Brookfield Central High School (WI) / Karen Frank, Stillman Valley High School (WI)
2012 Len Fike, D.C. Everest High School (WI)
2013 Newspaper: Charles Pratt, Niles North (IL) High School / Yearbook: Tom Juran, Brookfield Central (WI) High School
2014 Newspaper: Evelyn Lauer, Niles West (IL) High School, and Carolyn Wagner, Lake Zurich (IL) High School / Yearbook: Cathy Newton, Wausau West (WI) High School
2015 Newspaper: Patrick Johnson, Antioch Community (IL) High School and Rachel Rauch, Homestead High School, Mequon, WI / Yearbook:  Cindy Renaud, Harborside Academy, Kenosha, WI
2016 Newspaper: Michael Gluskin, Libertyville (IL) High School and Matt Smith, Fond du Lac (WI) High School
2017 Newspaper:  Dennis Brown, Huntley (IL) High School

2018 Newspaper: Lindsay Skatrud, Brookfield East High School, The Spartan Banner

Media Award

To recognize the assistance that high school journalists receive from the professional press, the Kettle Moraine Press Association Board of Directors has instituted the Media Award. This award is presented as part of the annual meeting held on the day of the KEMPA Scholastic Fall Journalism Conference.

Adviser-members of KEMPA may nominate any printed publication, electronic media or specific individuals involved with these facets of the professional press. Nominations must include specific activities or services performed by this individual or institution which have given encouragement or assistance to high school publications. KEMPA Media Award form

The 2018 Media Award winner of the year is James Nelson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Nelson received his 2018 Media Award at the 2018 KEMPA Scholastic Fall Journalism Conference on Oct. 12, 2018 at UW-Whitewater.

photo by Audrey Kemp

Previous Media Award Winners:

1983 John McCullough, WTMJ Channel 4, Milwaukee, WI
1984 Hank Koshollek, “Capital Times,” Madison, WI
1985 Mike Flaherty, “Milton Courier,” Milton, WI / Bill Robbins, “Wisconsin State Journal,” Madison, WI
1987 Christine Blumer (Spangler), “Jefferson County Daily Union,” Fort Atkinson, WI / Rob Zaleski, “Capital Times,” Madison, WI
1988 Michael St. John, “Wisconsin State Journal,” Madison, WI “Stoughton Courier Hub,” Stoughton. WI
1989 “Capital Times” staff, Madison, WI / WISC-TV Channel 3, Madison. WI
1991 Jake Stockinger, “Capital Times,” Madison. WI
1993 Robert Wills, “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,” Milwaukee, WI
1993 “Jefferson County Daily Union,” Fort Atkinson. WI / Rick Uhlman, “Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI
1995 Scott Angus, “Janesville Gazette,” Janesville, WI
1997 Joe Koshollek, “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,” Milwaukee, WI / Staff of “Capital Times,” Madison, WI
1998 John Nichols, “Capital Times,” Madison, WI / Doug Wojcik, “Stevens Point Journal,” Stevens Point, WI
1999 Staff of “The Janesville Gazette”
2000 Natasha Kassulke, Wisconsin State Journal
2001 Dan Needles, WISN Channel 12, Milwaukee
2002 Kregg Jacoby, Milwaukee, WI
2003 The Waunakee Tribune
2004 Mike Konopacki, Capital Times, Madison, WI
2005 William Wineke, Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI
2006 Peter Fox, Wisconsin Newspaper Association
2008 Delia Chiapeta, The Kenosha News
2009 Danielle Guerra, Northwest News Group of Greater Chicago
2010 Ken Miller, Wisconsin State Journal, Madison, WI
2011 Rick Wood, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
2012 Jason Rice, WMTV, Madison, WI
2013 Wisconsin Newspaper Association Foundation, Madison, WI
2014 Jed Carlson, Superior Telegram, WI
2016 Steve Lund, Kenosha News
2017 Mike Konopacki, Capitol Times, Madison, (retired)

2018 James Nelson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Administrator of the Year

The Board of Directors of the Kettle Moraine Press Association recognizes the importance of the assistance and encouragement that high school journalists receive from school administrators. Therefore, the KEMPA Board of Directors has instituted the Administrators of the Year award.

Nominations for this award may be made by students, advisers and/or student publication staffs. A committee appointed by the KEMPA president makes the final decisions. KEMPA Administrator of the year form

The award is presented at the KEMPA annual meeting during the Fall Scholastic Journalism Conference.

The 2017 KEMPA Administrator of the Year is Dee Andershock from Antioch (IL) Community High School.

1989 Gerald Malueg, Ozaukee High School (WI) / William Reisk, Parker High School (Janesville, WI)
1990 Lowell Freedlund
1991 Tom Kemppainen, Milton High School (WI)
1997 John Pyfer, Pearl City High School (IL)
1999 Dr. Jon Platts, Milton Superintendent (WI)
2000 Olin Harried, Stoughton High School (WI)
2001 Bill Stroud, Wauwatosa East High School (WI)
2002 Barb Dougal, Parker High School (Janesville, WI)
2003 Craig Duncan, Milton High School (WI)
2004 Kimberly Zupec, Waukegan High School (IL)
2006 Ken Dopke, Tremper High School (Kenosha, WI)
2007 Donald LaBonte, Brookfield Central High School (WI) / Jerry Movrich, Stoughton High School (WI)
2008 Nick Hughes, Wauwatosa East High School (WI)
2009 Brian Kersten, Waunakee High School (WI)
2010 Richard Kirchner, Belvidere North High High School (IL)
2011 Dr. Matt Gibson, Elmbrook School District (WI)
2012 Brett Bowers, Homestead High School (WI)
2013 Jeff Eben, J.I.Case High School (Kenosha, WI)
2014 James Huggins, Appleton North HS (WI)
2017 Dee Andershock, Antioch Community HS (IL)

Friend of KEMPA

The Friend of KEMPA award is a way for the Board of Directors to honor and recognize people who have contributed extraordinary time and/or effort to the organization. Friend of KEMPA form

This award, when given, is part of the annual meeting held at the Fall Scholastic Journalism Conference.

The 2018 Friend of KEMPA is Karl Boettcher, Visual Image Photography

photo by Audrey Kemp

Previous Friend of KEMPA Winners:

1991 Lou Zahn, Continuing Education, UW-W
1992 Dr. Tom McLeRoy, Dean, Continuing Education, UW-W
1994 Dr. I.W. Schaffer, Emeritus Executive Director, UW-W / Robert Tottingham, UW-Madison Extension
1994 Jim Eloff, Continuing Education, UW-W / Michael Schudrowitz, Nikon Corporation
1996 Mary Markus, Continuing Education, UW-W
1998 Peter Conover, Cable 6 Coordinator, UW-W
1999 Cindy Wandschneider, Walsworth Publishing / Ken Whittemore, Josten’s Publishing
2000 Larry Sherman, Continuing Education, UW-W
2001 Kendrick Johnson, Madison, WI
2002 Rita Schopen, Milwaukee, WI
2003 Doug Wojcik
2004 Rick Wood, “Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel”
2005 Law Firm of LaFollette, Godfrey and Kahn
2006 Betsy Schroeder, Lake Geneva Elementary School (WI)
2008 Mara Lee Searing, Continuing Education, UW-W
2009 Eric Field, Continuing Education, UW-W
2010 Mike James, Walsworth / Pat Rand, Jostens / Maureen Olofsson, Herff Jones
2011 Randy Swikle, Johnsburg High School (IL)(retired)
2012 Bryce Ulmer, S.C. Johnson and Son, Inc. and Corporate Images, Doug Wojcik, Stevens Point Journal (WI)
2013 Kellie Doyle, Lake Forest College (IL)
2014 Jayme Bogner, Jostens
2016 SNO Sites, Tom Hutchinson and Jason Wallestad
2017 Marquette University, Diederich College of Communication, Ana Garner and Karen Slattery

2018 Karl Boettcher, Visual Image Photography

Tom Gebhardt Award

The Gebhardt Award is given to a student who shows excellence in writing. It is presented in memory of longtime KEMPA instructor Tom Gebhardt.  The award has been discontinued as of 2015 because KEMPA now has many individual awards available to students, one of which is the feature-writing award, which replaces the Tom Gebhardt Award.


Gebhardt Award Winners:
2001 Holly Leach, Oshkosh North High School (WI)
2002 Dan Causier, Wauwatosa East High School (WI)
2003 Ida Assefa, Wauwatosa East High School (WI)
2004 Karolina Wroblewska, Lake Zurich High School (IL)
2005 Anna Joranger, Wauwatosa East High School (WI)
2006 Nelson Sederstrom, Shawano High School (WI)
2008 Kayleigh Dunn, Lake Zurich High School (IL)
2009 Abbie Reetz, D.C. Everest H.S. (WI)
2010 Alexandria Johnson, Rolling Meadows H.S. (IL)
2011 Krystyna Keema, Lake Zurich H.S. (IL)
2012 Gabrielle Abesamis, Niles West High School (IL)
2013 Ivana Kosir, Niles West High School (IL)
2014 Tanvi Kumar, Fond du Lac High School (WI)

KEMPA Scholarship Winners

The KEMPA scholarship program began in 1979 with three-year grants to students seeking degrees in journalism. The program was revised in the 1980’s to include related areas such as graphic design, photography and writing. Also, in 1985, the scholarships became one-year awards. Students may re-apply yearly, whether they are successful the first time or not. An asterisk (*) in the following list denotes “repeat” winners.

Only students from KEMPA member schools are eligible and must submit a letter detailing their goals and plans, a recommendation from an adviser, a transcript of grades and samples of their journalism work. 2019 Application DUE MARCH 15, 2019

The president of KEMPA appoints a committee which reads the applications, confers and decides the recipients. The Board of Directors sets an amount to be used for scholarships; the committee decides how that money is to be divided. The Board may decide not to give any scholarships in a particular year.

Previous KEMPA Scholarship Award Winners:
1979 – 1982: The first five students were “on scholarship” in the 1982 school year, having been awarded their three-year awards between 1979-1982. *Stuart Ciske, Fort Atkinson (WI) / *Pam Olson, Fort Atkinson (WI) / *Mary Lee Rahrauer, Whitewater (WI) / *Thomas Spansta (school unknown)/ *Christin Wanie, Fort Atkinson, (WI)
1985 James Marshall, Whitewater (WI) / Mary Ellen Miller, Ozaukee (WI)
1986 James P. Schultze, Loyola Academy (IL) / Brian Jung, Milton (WI) / James Forti, Menomonee Falls (WI)
1987 Carole Vande Velde, Hoffman Estates (IL) / Michael Holtz, Racine Horlick (WI) / Michael Herbrand, Beaver Dam (WI) /Audrey Hartz, Milton (WI)
1988 Greg Chesmore, Milton (WI) / Jenny DuFus, St. Mary’s Academy, Burlington (WI) / Rebecca Weeks, Antioch (IL)
1989 *Greg Chesmore, Milton (WI) /Brian Johnson, Milton (WI) / Tracy Pritts, Streamwwod (IL)
1990 Ann Maxwell, Honenegah (IL) / Ingrid Vangsuess, New Berlin Eisenhower (WI)
1992 Amy Hill, Lyons Township (IL) / Jessica Perinchief, Whitewater (WI) / Kathleen O’Dowd, Brookfield (WI)
1993 Michelle Jacobson, Wausau West (WI) / Nicole Jenks, Milton (WI) / Saleema Syed, Glenbard North (IL)
1994 Jonathan Hoste, Hartford (WI) / Lauren Lawley, Buffalo Grove (IL) / Saleema Syed, Marquette University (WI) High School / Marshall Wymore, Hartford (WI)
1995 Candance Hooker, Milton (WI) / Marc Juszak, Janesville Parker (WI) / Kelly Metcalf, Sun Prairie (WI)
1996 Sara Kaiden-Hanna, Prospect (IL) / Jeana Munchoff, Lyons Township (IL)/Patricia Pensa, Lyons Township (IL)/Megan Trainor, Carl Sandburg (IL)
1997 Amanda Miller, Antioch (IL) / Roman Salamon, Chicago Weber High School (IL)*Megan Trainor, Bradley University, via Carl Sandburg High School
1998 Susie Opalka, Wheeling (IL) / Rachel Powers, Fort Atkinson (WI) / Ben Zimbric, Wausau West (WI)
1999 Leah Kerkman, Madison LaFollette (WI) / *Rachel Powers, Kansas State University / Alana Stein, Wheeling (IL)
2000 Lindsay Renick Mayer – Wauwatosa East High School / *Rachel Powers – Kansas State University, via Ft. Atkinson High School / Daniel Purschwitz – Stoughton High School
2001 Vanessa Del Campo – Regina Dominican High School / *Lindsay Renick Mayer – U.W.-Madison, via Wauwatosa East High School / *Rachel Powers – Kansas State University, via Ft. Atkinson High School
2002 *Lindsay Renick Mayer – U.W.-Madison, via Wauwatosa East High School / Dianna Heitz — Glenbard North High School / Katherine Jett — Lyons Township High School / Diego Sorbara — Lyons Township High School
2003 *Lindsay Renick Mayer – U.W.-Madison, via Wauwatosa East High School / *Dianna Heitz — Loyola University, via Glenbard North High School Brittany Heck — Hartland High School / Matthew Bunke — Wauwatosa East High School
2004 Elizabeth Juranek — Maine West High School / *Dianna Heitz — Loyola University, via Glenbard North High School / Walter Shedd, Jr. — Grayslake High School
2005 Angie Barbian — UW-Madison, via McFarland High School / *Dianna Heitz — Loyola University, via Glenbard North High School / Bailey Diers — Sheboygan North High School
2006 Megan Geyer — Stevenson High School / Benjamin Paul — Lake Zurich High School / Dan Yadron — Grayslake High School
2007 Adam DeRose — Lakes Community High School / Logan Middleton — Wausau West High School / Christopher M. Renno — Conant High School / Nathan Winters — Pius XI High School
2008 Hayleigh Columbo — Lake Zurich High School / Marguerite Mueller — Maine West High School
2009 Joe Buzzelli — Lake Zurich High School / Jessica Loveless — Rolling Meadows High School / Jordan Palmer — Antioch Community High School Zuzanna Skwiot — Grayslake High School
2010 Sarah Beckman — Lakes Community High School / Jimmy Hibsch — Rolling Meadows High School / Murphy Larson — Craig High School
2011 Alexandria Johnson — Rolling Meadows High School / Siti Asma — DeKalb High School / Adam Pope — DeKalb High School
2012 Daniel Brount — Wheeling High School / Kelly Wang — Brookfield Academy / Amy Ausdenmore — Grayslake North High School / Justin Loewen — Waterloo High School
2013 Megan Jones – Wheeling High School / Rachel Tripp – Belvidere High School / Emily Jo Pahl – Grayslake North High School / Stephanie Drucker – Niles North High School
2014 Gabrielle Abesamis – Niles West High School / Kimberly Wethal – Stoughton High School / Joseph Salvato – Rolling Meadows High School / Michala Meyerhofer – Fort Atkinson High School