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Welcome to SJW: Rules and Important Information

Welcome to the 2020 Kettle Moraine Press Association Summer Journalism Workshop: Lost and Found. This year’s SJW will take place July 25-29.

Included here is valuable information concerning workshop policies, residence-hall living, food-service information, and instructors. When you check in for the workshop, you will receive an updated schedule listing the sessions and their locations. If you have any other concerns or questions, feel free to contact a staff member at any time. The Summer Journalism Workshop is conducted under the auspices of the Kettle Moraine Press Association in partnership with the Diederich College of Communication and Marquette University.

The director for the workshop is Patrick R. Johnson, MJE ([email protected]). Former campers and camp counselors, Madelynn Soberano and Paige Gruber, are the assistant directors of the camp, and are responsible for your camp and residence life experiences.

Publications and Materials Needed 
Bring with you to the workshop a copy or copies of the publication on which you will be working in the coming year. All students should bring pens, pencils, notebooks, and binders or folders to save handouts. Students will be using Mac labs.

Computers have USB ports. To save your work, you will need to bring a flash drive of your own. Students in the photojournalism class should bring a digital camera and card reader or cord to connect your camera to the computer. Remember rechargeable batteries, and a battery charger.

​Any additional materials required for courses will be announced by the instructor prior to camp. These announcements can be found on and will also be sent to class participants via email. Remember to check both consistently leading up to camp.

Obey the Law 
The use of tobacco, alcohol, narcotics and marijuana, or other participation in illegal activities at the workshop is prohibited. Those who do not abide by this policy will be immediately dismissed from the workshop. Any violation of the law will result in immediate dismissal. Parents will be notified and must arrange for immediate transportation home at the parent/guardian’s expense.

In by 10:30 p.m.
Students need to be in the residence hall every night at 10:30 p.m. as the outside doors will be locked at that time. Students also need to be in their rooms by the room check time indicated on their schedule and may not leave their floor after that time. Quiet hours will begin at 11 p.m.

During quiet hours, no boys are allowed on the girls’ floor, and no girls are allowed on the boys’ floor. Those found in violation will be sent home immediately.

Smoking and Vaping
There is no smoking or vaping in any campus building.

Motor Vehicles
Students should NOT bring cars. However, if it essential that you bring a car, the car is to be parked in the 16th Street parking structure and the keys must be turned in at registration time and will be returned at the conclusion of the workshop. It is KEMPA’s policy that students do not enter a vehicle while attending the workshops unless it is an official university vehicle driven by a workshop employee. Students will not be allowed to enter or operate their vehicle while participating in workshops. You will also have to purchase a parking permit. These may be obtained at the start of the workshop from the camp director or at the parking structure. Marquette University and the Kettle Moraine Press Association are not responsible for damage or theft to your motor vehicle. YOU MAY NOT DRIVE DURING THE WORKSHOP.

Guests (Not Allowed)
No outside guests are permitted during the workshop. Visitors from your immediate family must notify the main desk or workshop director of their presence. There will be no hazing, taunting or teasing of other campers or guests on campus. Violator will be dealt with accordingly

Use of Electronic Items
The use of cell phones, electronic games, etc. is restricted to your free time. Do not use these items during instructional or work times. You may wish to bring a laptop computer. However, KEMPA and Marquette are not responsible for any damage to, loss, or theft of personal belongings.

Class Work
Everyone must attend all classroom and workshop activities. Attendance will be taken regularly, and absentees will be reported to the director. Review the basic program so that you will know where you are to be, how to get there, and when you are to be there. A complete schedule with class and room assignments will be included in your packet, which you will receive at check-in. Bring materials to all sessions; remember pens and pencils, too. Class assignments are given for a purpose. All participants will complete such assignments according to specific deadlines. The staff and counselors are there to help. If you have questions or need some additional help, just ask!

Food Service
Breakfast and lunch will be served at a university dining hall, The Commons, with the exception of the date of your arrival; you will be on your own for lunch on Sunday, but you will be going with your KEMPA Kamp to a location on campus. Meals will be taken at the times scheduled for our workshop participants. Remember, there are more people on the campus than just the SJW participants.

Your name badge must be worn at all times for identification on campus. Not only will this help us recognize KEMPA Kampers, but it will also aid us in identifying unauthorized people in the area. If you lose your badge, then please see the workshop director for a new one.

Room Assignments
We have made every effort to assign you to a room with the person you requested, as long as the other person also requested you. If you did not request a roommate, you will be randomly assigned one. There will be no changes to room assignments after you arrive at SJW. Students wishing to room with a student who is not their gender, a formal email from parents/guardians must be provided to the director of camp.

The University furnishes a bed and mattress, mattress cover, drapes, dresser, mirror, desk and chair, wastebaskets, bookshelves, closet space, desk lamp, wall lamp and smoke detector. Bed linens and pillows are not included.

What to Bring
In addition to items listed in the cover letter with this mailing, you will need to bring soap, toiletries, blanket, pillow, pillowcase, towels, bed linens or sleeping bag, and personal belongings and clothing. There is no air conditioning in the residence hall, and fans are not provided! For your own personal comfort while in the residence hall, you may wish to bring a fan. Televisions in student rooms are permitted only by mutual agreement of roommates. Antennas may not exceed the physical boundaries of each room. Outside antennas are not permitted. Cable outlets are in each room.

What Not to Bring
The following electrical appliances are prohibited in student rooms: toasters, frying pans, sandwich grills, hot plates, hot pots and waffle irons. The university reserves the right to remove any illegal or dangerous electrical appliances. Only coffee makers with the heating element completely enclosed and built into the coffee maker are permitted. Immersion cup heaters are not permitted.

Check your room upon arrival. If there are any damages, report them immediately to the summer assistant. If you do not report the damages until later in the week, you may be charged for the repair costs. Your fees support the workshop, and if there are any damages to the residence hall, the cost of replacement or repairs comes from your pocket. Monetary fines will be assessed by the university for removal of screens and any damages.

Because of the number of KEMPA Kampers using the lounges, the residence hall staff would like your cooperation in keeping them clean. They ask you to pick up after yourself when you leave. There is a TV in the lower level lounge and on some of the communal lounges on each floor. Please do not move any furniture.

Lock Your Doors
For your own protection, be sure to lock the door to your room at all times. Do not leave your room unlocked even if you are only going down the hall. The doors have coded locks, so if you forget your number, contact the summer assistant assigned to your residence hall.

Check-in will take place in the lobby of Wells Hall on Sunday from 9 a.m. – 9:45 a.m. You will not be permitted to check in without registration fees being paid and any additional forms signed and turned in to the director. At the check-in you will receive a packet with an up-to-date schedule with room locations.

Check-Out // PICK UP
Check out will be on Wednesday at 9 a.m. Rooms must be cleaned and waste baskets emptied before you leave–we will do this during the long lunch break. All bags will be taken to Johnston Hall for our final meeting. Failure to complete this task results in a fine to be determined by the residence hall staff.

Our final camp meeting is held in Johnston Hall at 4 p.m. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend. You will be picked up at the conclusion of this meeting from Johnston Hall, not the residence hall.

Students will receive a camp t-shirt upon arriving. They will be required to wear this t-shirt on the first day of camp. Light and comfortable clothing suitable for the classroom environment is suggested. Please use good judgment. Most classrooms are air conditioned, and you may need a sweater or long pants. Layering clothing is advised. If your student ordered a week’s worth of t-shirts, then he/she will receive those upon check in as well.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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Welcome to SJW: Rules and Important Information