KEMPA Journalism


At KEMPA’s Summer Journalism Workshop we believe all attendees come in with different skill levels and experiences. In order to accommodate all of our KEMPA Kampers we offer a number of classes and opportunities that appeal to a variety of interests and will help you successfully grow your skills. Kampers enroll in one ‘strand’ upon registration and give input on their perceived “skill level scale” for placement purposes. We ask that you answer the questions about your skills honestly so that your course placement is a perfect fit. We want your KEMPA Kamp experience to be the best it possibly can be!

Writing is the foundation to any media program. In this class you’ll learn how to use a variety of interview techniques to craft a stunning profile while refining your writing using a number of revision strategies. ​
Taught by Evelyn Lauer
One of the hardest part about being part of a team is motivating others. Learn strategies to create a positive work environment that not only motivates, but supports and respects everyone others. Students in this class should be editors of their publications going into the 2020-2021 school year.
Taught by Rebecca Pollard
In this class, students will learn how to prepare sports stories, videos, photos, designs and social media for publication and the web. This class is designed to prepare students to capture not just the action, but also the story before, after, during and beyond the game.
Taught by Jon Rogers
In this class, you will develop and produce content using digital and social media. Principles of photo and video production, particularly mobile, will also be emphasized. A mobile device (with storage space!) and on-the-go battery chargers are recommended for this class.
Taught by Don Goble
YEARBOOK KICKSTARTThe ultimate goal of this class is to get your book moving in the right direction before school has even started. You will work on developing skills related to all aspects of yearbook production (theme development, reporting and writing, coverage, advertising, staff strategies, and more). Whether you’re new to staff or a veteran editor, this class will help you to shape your 2020 book from start to finish.
Taught by Kristen DiGorgio
Designers will focus their attention on design principles and trends in media. Whether you are yearbook, newspaper or magazine, this class will teach you how to develop exceptional designs, use industry-standard software and create a variety of alternative story forms to make their media beautiful.
Taught by Natalie Brown
In this class, students will learn how to prepare photos for publication and the web, as well as understand how to create an effective digital workflow. Students will also practice photographing challenging situations and work on caption writing. Students may act as the camp’s photographers for the week and have their photos used to document the camp experience. A point and shoot or DSLR camera with manual controls and a card reader are required for this class.
Taught by Kelly Glasscock
Are you new to advising or have been advising for years? Either way, this is your chance to get prepped for the 2019-20 school year by learning new apps and technologies, getting feedback on your production schedules and cycles, reviewing plans for the year, creating mini-lessons for production classes, and getting a chance to have a voice and conversation with fellow advisers.
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