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KEMPA Journalism

KEMPA Journalism

Michelle Corbett

Michelle Corbett, Board Member

Michelle Corbett, CJE

KEMPA Board Vice President

Individual Contests Chair

[email protected]

School Name, City and State: Indian Trail High School & Academy, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Number of years advising: 11

Program Description: Yearbook (The Blaze), 1 section with 24 staffers – We create a 224 page yearbook with a May delivery. Students may take multiple years of the course for elective credit.

Digital Publications: Intro to Yearbook – This class is offered to freshmen and sophomores. The students move onto the yearbook staff once they have successfully completed the course. This course may only be taken once.

Best Advice or Hardest Lesson Learned: I’ve learned to let go of some control (I’m a bit type A) and stay out the kids’ way. I’ve trained them, taught them and then let them take the reins in creating the book. This has allowed them to create a better product and become better student journalists. I’m there to support and guide them when needed, but overall I have learned that this allows them to grow and find a true sense of accomplishment. It is truly their publication.

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Facebook: /theBlazeITHSA

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Snapchat: @theBlaze ITHSA


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