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KEMPA Journalism

Dean Bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw, Treasurer


Dean Bradshaw


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School Name, City and State: Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL

Number of Years Advising: 15

Program Description: Newspaper and website (Statesman) is produced by students in our Publications Production & Design course.  We currently have a staff of 44 who produce 9 printed issues and maintain a website of breaking news, podcasts, and sports coverage.

Statesman staff members must complete two semester-long electives: Journalistic Writing and Advanced Journalistic Writing.

Best Advice or Hardest Lesson Learned: What we do matters, what we do has power, what we do makes change - this is great responsibility that must be respected. Because the power and change can be positive but also unexpectedly negative.

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Instagram: @statesmanshs




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