KEMPA Journalism

KEMPA Journalism

KEMPA Journalism

April van Buren teaches at Madison East High School.

April van Buren, Winter Adviser Seminar Director

April van Buren, MJE
Winter Adviser Seminar Director
[email protected]

Madison East High School; Madison, WI

Number of years advising: 15-17 years, give or take

Brief Description of your program:The 2021-23 school year marked my fourth year at Madison East High School, advising the Tower Tales yearbook and Tower TV, a monthly 20 min. school video show. I advise a newspaper and photography club, as well as a digital art club. I also teach Intro. Video, Graphic Design, Web Design and a tech sampler class called Bits & Bytes. East is a school of about 1,700 students.

Social Media Accounts: @ehstowermedia on Instagram, Tower Media on YouTube, or our newspaper club website:

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