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Guilford High School students at 2016 conference

Guilford High School students at 2016 conference

Joe Koshollek

Guilford High School students at 2016 conference

Joe Koshollek

Joe Koshollek

Guilford High School students at 2016 conference

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LEADERSHIP|TEAM-BUILDING is the theme for this year’s conference with 10 sessions to improve your students’ skills as leaders.

The other 60 sessions offer plenty of options for student journalists. Presenters include professionals, professors, and publication advisers.

Two special guest speakers will present via Skype.

Session 1:

Clint Watts, Foreign Policy Research Institute (via Skype) hosted by Bob Kay, KEMPA Board

Social Media Influences and Fake News – The Consequences

In the lead up to the campaign, a team Watts worked with researched the emergence of social media influence on applications like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The influence operation altered the discussion of the 2016 presidential election and eroded confidence in democratic institutions.

Session 2:

John Tinker, Plaintiff in “Tinker v Des Moines,” (via Skype) hosted by Dr. Steve Brown, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and School Law at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Student Leadership in Tinker v. Des Moines

The internet. Social media. How far do the arms of school boards reach? When does student speech invade the rights of others? In the Tinker decision, the Supreme Court established a standard for protecting speech known as the “substantial disruption” standard – school officials could punish student speech only if they could reasonably forecast that the speech would cause a substantial disruption or material interference with school activities. What does this mean for schools in 2017 and beyond?

Download this printable schedule: KEMPA FSJC program 2017.  It lists all sessions, schedule and presenters to give you an overview of the entire day.

Download this Google spreadsheet for a searchable matrix

It allows you to sort the schedule by title, by topic, by publication, by presenter and by time slot, so you can find exactly which sessions will be best for you and your students to attend.

Register here only:

This is what registration asks for, so you are ready to click on this link.

  • Publication name and type
  • School, school phone, school address
  • Adviser(s) name, adviser(s) email
  • Whether you will attend the adviser luncheon (which is free for you)
  • Whether you will arrive by standard school bus (a parking issue)
  • How many students and advisers are attending
  • Whether you will attend the 8:25 or 9:05 opening session
  • Advance registration for TV Production, Radio Production and Hands-on Page Design
  • How you will pay (credit card or purchase order)



  • $15 per student and adviser for KEMPA-member publications. (If you wish to become a member, use this KEMPAmembership_form_2016-17 and send it to Bob Kay at address on the form.)
  • $20 per student and adviser for non-KEMPA members.
  • LATE Registration (members and non-members):  After Sept. 30, all registrations are $25.

Confirmation letters will include map and last-minute instructions. Late registrants are not guaranteed confirmation letters or conference materials. Absolutely no refunds will be given.

*Students are on their own for lunch. A restaurant list will be in their check-in packet.

AWARDS PRESENTATION and WELCOME AT 8:25 a.m. IN HAMILTON AUDITORIUM for all publications who entered the critique/competition in early summer.

As an important part of the Scholastic Journalism Conference day, KEMPA will present awards to staff representatives or advisers, and both awards and critiques may be picked up at that time. Those schools who submitted the yearbook or newspaper issues will be welcomed for the awards presentations at 8:25, before Session 1. School spirit and school pride in publications are encouraged by KEMPA. Be present; cheer on your school. Other high schools may arrive for the 9:05 a.m. welcome and announcements before Session 1 starts at 9:30 a.m.

Individual awards will also be announced at each of the two welcomes.


TV Production is a double session (1 and 2). Limit of two students per school–limited to 20 registrants.
Radio Production is offered at three separate sessions. Limit of one student per school–limited to first 10 registrants per time slot.
Hands-on Page Design is offered at Session 1 and Session 2. Limit of two students per school–limited to 20 registrants.  Students do not need to bring laptops.

Tickets for these sessions will be given to the adviser at the check-in desk.


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